Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Fandom Confectionery: September 2014 - Hufflepuff Edition

September is the month that hold my birthday, so I thought because of that I would make this month's Fandom Confectionery all about my Hogwarts house. Hufflepuff!

1)  Scrolls & Spells Chart
I'm in love with this chart which has all the spells from the book in the spirals and the Hogwarts motto at the bottom as well. It's all in Huffepuff colours but there are other colour available as well. 
Buy - £20 

2) Goblet of Fire Ornament 
If there is one thing that I'm obsessed with then it's Christmas tree ornaments that aren't your typical one. They always catch my eye and I always want to buy them. This ornament has pieces of 'The Goblet of Fire' book in there with some Hufflepuff colour in there. 
Buy - £6.30

3) 26.50 oz Beer Mug
Now, I don't drink and I'm never going to but I love this mug and I'd buy it and fill it up with any drink. It's a beer mug that has the Hufflepuff crest etched onto it and you can customise the mug to have your own name on it.
Buy - £17.47


4) Hufflepuff Inspired Bead 
If you're someone who loves the Hufflepuff house but want to show off your house pride in a more subtle way then this bead might be a good idea. I have a bracelet that can fit these sort of beads but I think my mam's put it away somewhere since I don't really use it that often. 
Buy - £5.04 

5) Hufflepuff Nail Varnish 
I'm a nail biter and I'll admit it but I'm slowly stopping myself from doing it and my nails are slowly starting to grow again which I'm loving.This has been a nail varnish I've been dying to get and I can't wait to get it! It's a black and gold glitter nail vanish which I think looks stunning. 
Buy - £2.20

6) Jewellery Box 
Even though I have a jewellery box I sometimes feel like I have nowhere to put some of my jewellery. The design of this jewellery box is so cut. I love the bottom draw on it and the crest of the side. It looks like the type of box that would just go with any room. 
Buy - £22.30

7) Pajama Trousers 
So, these are pajama trousers for men but I really want to get them for myself in a small size. I saw a pair of Gryffindor ones when I went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour but there were none for the other houses which annoyed me and my sister. So, I've just found these on Hot Topic and now I really, really want them.They're really simplistic but I love have the crest and the house name running down the leg. And they look really comfortable. I'm tempted to get these for my 'revision comfy clothes'. 
Buy - $19.50 

8) Hufflepuff Badgers T-Shirt 
I quite like this top since it look badass and I love the badger on it. It makes the Hufflepuff house looks so much more scarier than we actually or, or at least more than I am. I love the way the badger on the front is drawn. 
Buy - £20.42

9) Hufflepuff Birthday Card 
The bottom of the card reads, 'Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil,'
This is a pretty cool, pretty suave looking card and it would be great if you know anyone in the Hufflepuff house and want to be able to get them a card that most people wouldn't be able to find. I'm not usually a fan of gold but it looks amazing on this card.
Buy - £1.95

10) Hufflepuff Crest Macbook or Laptop Decal 
I love this decal and it think it looks amazing on that Macbook. If I didn't have a black laptop lid I would definitely end up getting it at some point. But if I get a new laptop that isn't black, I think it's something that I'll be definitely picking up. 
Buy - £5.69
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