Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dropping Off At: The Harry Potter Studio Tour

My sister had gifted me tickets for the both us to go to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday and we went the Saturday after my birthday. I can hands down say it was just a fantastic day. 

Our train was leaving at around about 05:30 so we got up at half past four and got changed, woke our parents up and then drove us to the train station. I was pretty tired on the train but I couldn't sleep. We ended up getting into Paddington Station at around 09:30 and took a tube to Euston and got some sandwiches since we didn't have any breakfast before we left. After that, we wondered around Euston train station since it was still pretty early. After that, we got on a train to get to Watford, thankfully that train didn't take too long to get there. As soon as we got off, the signposts for the door were already around the station. We got out of there and went to catch the bus that would take us to the studio. I couldn't help but grin at the fact that the bus resembled the Knight Bus. 

Whilst we were on there, they showed us a clip about how the Leavesden Warner Bros. Studio came about which was really interesting to watch and find out about. When we finally reached the studios, I was so excited! We got in and it was just breathtaking. 

The rest of this post is going to contain a lot of photos, so if you don't want to see anything, now's a good time to go. 

It was amazing to see the actual hand prints of the cast and they were something I had to take a picture of before we moved on and into the actual building to start the tour. I think everyone got really excited from just seeing them.

It was a day where I wore my Hufflepuff scarf with pride. I got to take a picture in front of the place where Harry stayed for quite a lot of his life before getting his letter to Hogwarts. 

I had some huge house pride when I saw the Hufflepuff uniform which included what Robert Pattinson wore in the Goblet of fire. A uniform that I wish I was allowed to wear everyday. The rest of the Great Hall was absolutely astounding and there was so much detail put into it which you really don't realise when you're watching the films.

We got the chance to see a few of the scale models that were made for the movies and they looked just as beautiful as the actual set. It was amazing to see them and know that someone had built all of his by hand just so that a team of people would be able to build it on a much larger scale.

The Quidditch games were some of my favourite scenes in the movie and it never fails to blow me away when I watch them. Being able to see the uniform that Malfoy wore and the whole Quidditch kit that they used in the movie just made me want to play Quidditch ten times more. 

I also managed to find Bonnie Wright's wand in Olivander's which was a great end to the tour. 

It was such a terrific day, it took us over three hours to get through the whole tour but it was completely worth it because we got to have a real thorough look through the whole tour and took everything in. I ended up getting a hufflepuff flag and a zip up hoodie from the store along with some peppermint toads. I can't wait to start using the hoodie and I will definitely be taking it along with me when I have to go into school on weekends for revision. 

My sister and I finished off the day by going to Jamie Oliver's pop-up Diner and the food there was AMAZING! It was an amazing day and I have some amazing memories. The Tour hasn't made the magic of the movies go away for me, if anything the magic has intensified and I would love to do it again around Christmas time!

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  1. this is so cool!

    (I'm a hufflepuff too)