Monday, 1 September 2014

My Month On Instagram: August 2014

So, instead of putting it in my wrap up, I thought I would do a full on post about what I've been doing on Instagram. The pictures will be bigger and you can see the caption with them. So, here is August on Instagram.

Have to love book post! Such a nice cover!
Battle wound from my blood test.
The things I do in my spare time...
One of the best things ever.
My latest book post 
Ready for my sister's graduation party.
Currently reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Currently reading An Elephant in the Garden
I love this place so much!
So happy today! One year down and another to go!
The cover is absolutely beautiful and I am loving the book so far. 
I'm having hot chocolate in the middle of August but I've missed this mug.
Exactly what I need!
Time for a haircut!
So, that's been my month on Instagram! I'm @sheep_invasion on there if any of you want to follow me, my account is on private but that's mostly because of school, not you guys, my instagram link is also on my sidebar.
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