Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fandom Confectionery: August 2014

1) Toy Story Hamm Piggy Bank
I'm a huge fan of Toy Story and the Disney store are selling Hamm as a piggy bank which I think is pretty amazing. I don't care that the description aims this piggy bank at kids. This is something that I think Toy Story fans. 
Buy - £16


2) Never Trust A Duck Pinback Button
I recently just finished reading 'The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel', and I absolutely loved it. There were some amazing quotes in that book and one of my favourite ones had to be "Never trust a duck" because it did make me smile when I read the whole sentence.So, now I kind of just want this badge because I love the quote and I think it would just confuse people. 
Buy - £2.50

3) The Purple Eye Sticker 
I, personally, have never listened to the Night Vale podcast but I know that there are people who love it. So, I thought that I would throw this one in. It's the purple eye which I've seen every where when Night Vale is mentioned. 
Buy - £4.45

4) Eat The Rude Hannibal Phone Case
Hannibal is a show that I haven't watched since I think that I'm a bit too squeamish for it but my sister seems to love the show. The case comes for an iPhone 4, 4s and 5. Perfect way to scare people into being polite to you. 
Buy - £9.84 

5) Imagine Dragons T-Shirt 
I'm a huge music fan and I love Imagine Dragons, they're music, to me, is just stunning. Which is always what I think about this top. It's a unisex top that you can get a few different colours as well.
Buy - £15.52
6) The Hunger Games Tribute Guide
For those of you who love 'The Hunger Games' trilogy and want to know more about the 74th Hunger Games tributes this is the guide for you. Official Hunger Games merchandise and you get information about the tributes strengths and weaknesses and the weapons that they chose for the Games. 
Buy - £4.79

7) Batgirl Costume Top
The top's from Blue Banana. My sister is a huge Batman fan and whereas I need to get around to watching the movie, I think a lot of people who have watch them might want this top. 
Buy - £15.99


8) Black Widow Print 
This is a 4x6 digital print of the Black Widow from 'The Avengers'. It's a really simplistic print but I'm in love it and a few of the others the shop has. 
Buy - £2.26

9) Fall Out Boy & Blink 182 Bracelet Wristband 
I'm a fan of both of these bands and I'm slowly wanting to get some wristbands like these and when I was looking on Amazon for some FOB merchandise for this post, these bracelets caught my eye. 
Buy - £ 7.98


10) Lumpy Space Princess Mens Jumper
I haven't actually watched Adventure Time... at all. But I know that a lot of my friends do and a lot of people in my school tend to talk about it. So, since it seems to be very popular lately I'm going to add in this jumper. 
Buy - £14.99
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These price do not include postage and packing.

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