Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stick A Fork In Me: Chewy Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to try my hand at baking again since it had been a while and wanted it to be a little bit festive. So, after seeing a picture on tumblr, I decided on Friday night that I was going to make chewy double chocolate peppermint cookies. 

I wasn’t really sure how they were going to work out; my family tends to make a lot of cakes but not a lot of biscuits or cookies but in the words of my mother it was going to be trial an error and just see how things go. There weren’t that many ingredients involved, especially if you tend to bake quite frequently.  They were quite easy to get a hold of as well. I did substitute natural peppermint extract for American Peppermint flavouring which did the same trick. 

The recipe is really easy to follow and doesn’t take up too much time if you know what you’re actually doing (which sometimes I didn’t). It’s quick and easy but the results that come out of it are great in the end. It’s the kind of recipe you can involve children in because it’s straight forward and there’s no use of electric whisks or anything like that. Straight forward baking. The taste of peppermint isn’t too strong in it either since 

The cookies really do have a festive theme around them, especially if you’re baking them while listening to some Christmas music. The crushed candy cane on top really ties it all together and brings Christmas that little bit closer.  

I really would recommend this recipe if you’re looking at making some festive treats this season. 

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