Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cwtched Up With A Classic: Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen's books are ones that I've never been 100% sure on whether or not I want to read but when I downloaded I had a tablet for my fifteenth birthday, it ended up being a free book on the 'Kobo' app. So, I finally decided that I may as well see what it was all about and pick my tablet up to read it. 

There was a bit of the slow start in the beginning which did make me a little sceptical about carrying on with the book but since I was with little else to read at the time since I wasn't home I thought that i may as well give it a proper chance and carry on to read it and I'm glad that I did. 

I'm not the type person that is in love with romance novels. It just isn't may favourite genre to read but I don't mind reading the odd one or two if it catches my eye but they never are some of the favourite books that I've read. Pride and Prejudice however was a romance book that I did really enjoy reading. I'm a fan of the while historical fiction genre and the fact that this book was mixed with some of this because of the time period that it was written it made it more enjoyable for me. 

For me, I felt like there could have been a little bit more that could've gone on within the plot since there wasn't a lot there. However, I wasn't particularly expecting a lot of action because it was a romance novel. I didn't feel as though there was any sub-plot to go along with the main plot of the book and what was going on. As much as I did enjoy the book, I think I would have enjoyed it that little but more had there just been another part to the story that would give the whole novel a little more oomph!

I knew what was going to happen at the end of the but even with tat in mind, I still was eager to read on and see how Austen played out the plot. For me, I found her writing quite captivating and it was a classic that I was glad to have picked up. I may not reread this one any time soon. However, it's made me want to read the books and watch the films that have been based on this book to see different ways people have taken it on board. 

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