Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Happiness, Hope & A Whole Load of Positivity

Recently I started the 100 Happy Days challenge and there’s been a lot of things that have been going round me as well that made me want to write this post. 

Happiness, hope and positivity; I think they are three things that we tend to lose focus on in life when we get swept away with everything else. I know that it tends to happen with me sometimes and I don’t think that should be the case and for me, I don’t want that to be the case anymore. There are always going to be things going on in my life, there are always going to be things to do and deadlines to meet but I don’t want that to rule my life for the next fifty odd years. I don’t want to get through each day thinking about everything that’s gone wrong and that’s what the 100 Happy Days challenge has been teaching me. 

For the people who don’t know what challenge is, basically, you take a picture every day for 100 days about something that has made you happy that day and it can be absolutely anything. You then upload it to your preferred platform and tag it with #100happydays or whatever you choose your tag to be when you fill in the form and you can sign up here

This challenge has basically taught me that no matter how bad a day has been, there will be something in it, no matter how small that would have made you happy. Whether it be the way your hair looks, food, buying a new book or just coming home after a long day in school or work. It makes you stop looking at everything as a whole and start viewing your days as little things and those little things soon become the big things.

The thing is, with life things aren’t always going to go your way. There are going to be times you don’t always get what you want or where things just seem to being wrong constantly and you haven’t got a clue what to do next. You just have to look at the smaller things in life, find the smallest things that make you happy. Things that other people find stupid but still make you happy. 

You’ve got to be able to hold onto hope, know that things may not be okay now but you can get through it and you will get through it. There is always one saying I say to myself and my friends when they are going through a rough patch, “Storms don’t last forever,” and they really don’t. Bad things will happen but they won’t always be there. They are going to end up passing but you have to be able to hold on a believe that. 

I don’t think people realised how much positivity can actually change your way of thinking. I’ll admit this is something that I struggled with for a while but I am getting better at; being negative about things can sometimes lead to negative things happening a lot and you don’t even realise all the good things in your life. But when you have a more positive frame of mind, more positive things will happen to you and you’ll start to notice them more. 

Life is full of amazing possibilities, it’s full of small packages of happiness that are always there for us but sometimes you just have to look harder to see them but it’s not just about the happiness that we can find. Sometimes we should try and make other people happy. It’s hard to find the little things if no one if there to even tell you that there are smaller things to make you happy. Sometimes you just need someone there to be able to guide you in the right direction. Not everyone has that person, sometimes you have to be the one to be there just to give them a little push is all.

Happiness, hope and a whole load of positivity, that’s my saying from now on. 

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