Saturday, 11 January 2014

F is for: 'Fast Car' by Tracy Chapman

This week’s song is Fast Car by Tracy Chapman from her album ‘Tracy Chapman’. 
I was really surprised when reading up on this song that it was actually released in April 1988 and hit the charts again after it had been sung by one of the Britain’s Got Talent contestants. 

I absolutely love the feel of this song. It’s so calming and mellow and an easy listen. It’s a great song for me to listen to after a hectic day when I just want to calm and wind down. It’s that nice acoustic sound that I never seem to get tired of listening to. 

The whole song just tells you a story that I personally find quite upsetting in a way but I still do love this song. It’s kind of out of the ordinary stuff I listen to but that’s what I like about it. 

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comment, on the song, below. 

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