Friday, 24 October 2014

Fandom Confectionery: October 2014 - Tim Burton Edition

Halloween comes along this month, so I thought this month's Fandom Confectionery should be Tim Burton inspired. There are a few more of his movies that I want to watch but my sister and my auntie love his work! 

1) The Nightmare Before Christmas Phone Case
It's a hard shell phone case that fits the iPhone 4. I really like the look of this case because you can see Sally in the background as well. This movie has to be one of my favourite Halloween/Christmas movies! 
Buy - £20

2) Tim Burton Bottle Necklace 
Although bottle necklaces are something that I don't wear I do love the look of them and this one is absolutely gorgeous. I love the detail that's gone into making the scene that's inside the bottle. You can tell that it's taken a lot of time and it was definitely worth it. It's such a stunning piece of jewellery! 
Buy - £34.73 

3) Edward Scissorhands Watercolour Paint 
I haven't watched Edward Scissorhands but it is one of the Tim Burton movies that I really do want to watch. Someone has ended up going a watercolour painting of the characters which I think were done really well and would look really nice if they were all framed and put up on a wall. 
Buy - £13.00

4) The Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations
I love novelty Christmas decorations! They are some of my favourite things. For the past four years I get my sister a Christmas ornament so she can put on the tree and they're always fandom based. I think it end up making the tree a little more personal to our family. These look a little bit creepy but still look pretty amazing. They're from the Disney store and are Jack Skellington, Lock, Shock and Barrel. 

5) Tim Burton DVD Collection 
If you're looking for a few of Tim Burton's films to buy in a bundle, this might be something that you'd want to get. I ended up finding it on 'Amazon' and I don't think that the price is too bad for it either. The DVD is suitable for 18 year olds. And the movies on there are: 
  • Batman  
  • Batman Returns 
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
  • Sweeny Todd 
  • PeeWee's Big Adventure 
  • Corpse Bride 
  • Mars Attacks 
  • Beetlejuice 
Buy - £14.60


6) 'We're All Mad Here' Long Sleeved Top 
I've seen this print on a couple of tops but I really like it on the grey and as a long sleeve because it would be great for winter. It's a cotton t-shirt and is available in different sizes. I'm really, really tempted to get this top and I'm going to have to put it on a 'Pinterest' board. 
Buy - £10. 86

7) Sweeney Todd Poster 
This is a 69x102cm poster which is great if you're  huge fan of the film and you're looking to decorate your room. It looks like a slightly creepy poster to me but that makes it look that much better. 
Buy - £19.99

8) Corpse Bride Runaway Groom T-Shirt 
This top looks amazing! It only comes in the grey but in a few different sizes. I love that they've got the tree that's shaped as a heart around the two of them. I love 'Corpse Bride' which makes me love the top even more. 
Buy - £12.89

9) Art of Tim Burton Book 
If you're a huge, mega fan of Tim Burton then this book might be worth buying for you. If you're in love with the artwork in his movies and are obsessed with his work then you're probably going to love this book. It features his pre-production drawings for his movies and an overview of his art. 
Buy - £49.99

10) The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories 
23 tales that Tim Burton has put together into one short book. It's been released for about ten years now and is not only filled with his stories but some sketches. 
Buy - £6.74

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  1. I want absolutely everything on this list! :) x

  2. Hehe, I'm in love with the Christmas decorations! x