Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Fandom Confectionery: May 2014

I love fandom merch as much as the next person and I love showing the stuff I find on the internet to people. So, I decided to put a new feature on my blog where I showcase the top ten of my favourite fandom merchandise that I've found! Here are some of my May favourites!

1) Tesseract Necklace 
I actually ended up getting this for my sister. I love the Avengers and love Loki! When I stumbled across it on Etsy I fell in love with it. The necklace can be brought in different lengths and the actual chain colour can be different. It's so pretty and come people might not even realise it's fandom merch! 
Buy - £9.82

2) Divergent Quote Typography Print 
The quote on the print says:
'Becoming Fearless Isn't The Point
That's Impossible
It's Learning How To Your Fear 
And How To Be Free From It 
That's The Point' 
The Divergent movie only came out last month and I loved it, I loved the book as well, although I haven't read it in a while. I came across this print and read the quote and it sprang to mind from the book. It's on of those prints you could have up on your wall just to inspire you when you get up in the morning. It's printed out on a page from a vintage dictionary. Personally, I think it looks quite pretty, I kind of really want to buy this now and hang it up in my room... even though there's barely any room left. 


3) Sherlock T-Shirt 
The top says: 
'I'm not a psycopath, 
I'm a high-function sociopath.
(Do you research)'
I'm such a huge fan of Sherlock and I've been looking for a top with this saying but I just haven't like the way that it's been printed on the shirts. There's just something when I see different fonts on a top that makes me want to get it. 
Buy - £18.90

4) Supernatural Phone Case 
Admittedly, I'm only on the first season of Supernatural but I am hoping to get through more of it once exams are over! The episodes I have watched though, I have been in love with! So, I thought I'd add some Supernatural to this post. It's a Winchester & Sons Supernatural Whisky phone case. They've got it for the iPhones and the Samsung S2, S3 and S4. A slightly subtle way of showing your love for Supernatural whilst protecting your phone in the process. 
Buy - £9.14

5) The Mortal Instruments Paper Bead Bracelet 
I've had my eye on these bracelets for a while now and I really, really want it! It's basically part of one the of The Mortal Instruments books and you can pick which book you want on the bracelet from the series and what colour thread you want with it. I really need to get my hands on one of these.
Buy - £9.20


6) No Admittance Sign 
For the Lord of the Rings fans, we have Bilbo's 'No Admittance Except On Party Business' sign which it made out of aluminium. I really
love the look of it and it reminds me exactly of the sign you see at the beginning of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It's one of those things you could just hang outside your room door, or even outside of your house before a birthday party. 
Buy - £6.00

7) Games of Thrones Small Hair BowI've never watched or read the Game of Thrones but I thought that I would throw this in for people who do. I think it looks pretty cute. Just a small hair accessory that could pretty much go with anything. All the houses are on the fabric as well and it's a pretty good price.
Buy - £3.68

8) Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards 
I don't really play cards and there are only a few card games I know from when I was on a plane but these ended up catching my eye when I was looking at some Alice in Wonderland things. The whole set of cards are inspired by the the books. It's a full set of cards that you can actually play with and come in a clear plastic box. Great for a fan or card games and Alice in Wonderland
Buy - £9.20

9) Shadowhunter Stele
Another treat for fans of Cassie Clare's world. Comic Con is coming up and some people might want to cosplay there or just cosplay in general I thought I would put this Shadowhunter stele up. It just looks really elegant and I really want it! The Etsy shop does have a few other stele's on there but this one has to be on of my favourites. 
Buy - £7.34

10) The Fault In Our Stars Cards x3 
The Fault in Our Stars in out next month and my twitter seems to be going mental every time something comes out related to the movie. I would be lying if I said I wasn't just as excited. It's currently getting me through revision. Here are there TFIOS inspired cards to send to your friends who are fans like you. Whether it be for a birthday or a thank you for sticking around the uncontrollable sobbing. 
Buy - £2.25

So, those are my picks for the month! Anything catch your fancy? And are there any fandoms that you want to see more of or ones that I haven't mentioned that you'd like to see?

*Postage and Packing aren't included in the prices 

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