Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saira's Speculating Mind: After Exam Stress?

We're in full swing of exams season and I've seen so many posts and tweets about revision sessions and how to manage your time between revision and numerous exams but I don't think I've seen many, if any, posts about how to handle everything that goes on after an exams happens. Even though these are only my first set of exams, I thought I'd share with you guys what I do and think after I've finished an exam because personally, I think that sometimes that's when the worst part is. 

Exams are a stressful business, whether you're sitting GCSE's, A-Level's or your degree. You spend weeks preparing and revising and then the day comes and you just have to go in there and do the best that you can. Getting out of that exam room can sometimes leave me either feeling pretty happy or a little bit down heartened and I have a feeling I'm not the only one that gets this feeling. 

I tend to call this the "After Exam Stess". The stress you have after an exam is done and dusted with. That feeling in the pit of your stomach where you haven't got a clue what is going to happen, where you're analysing every question you just answered, kicking yourself for not answering the question right and panicking about what your results day will hold. I've seen it in school and I've done it. Over the course of exams though, I've taught myself that I can't do all of those things. 

Once you're out of the exam room, that's it! You're out of there and your exam paper is no longer in your hands. There is absolutely no point in thinking about it. You've gone in there and done your best and as soon as you walk out of there, there's nothing that you can do. It's pointless stressing over it. If you still have exams left, it's only going to set you back. I know that it's easier said then done but you just have to try and push it to the back of your mind. Even after you've finished your exams, don't think about it. That's your time to just relax and do some of the things that you enjoy before being thrown into whatever else happens next. 

Your results day will come when it comes. I know that it does have a lot riding on it at the end of the day but you stressing about it and panicking isn't going to do anything to change what happens. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. That is one saying that I make myself remember. Things will fall into place and everything that is meant to happen will. All you can do is try your best in the exam and then carry on with your other exams and just try and relax once everything is over. 

I hope that everyone who's finished their exams or have done a few of them have gone well and you guys are happy. To everyone who is yet to start or is in the midst of their exams, good luck! You guys will rock them! 

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