Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Fandom Confectionery: June 2014 - TFiOS Edition

The Fault in Our Stars movie is already out in a few counties and it's coming out soon in the UK. So, I thought I would make this month's fandom confectionery based around TFiOS to feed our little obsessions. Here's what I've found! 

1) Set of 12 "Okay?" "Okay" Cupcake Wrappers 
To all of the bakers out there, here are some TFiOS inspired cupcake wrappers. I think we all know that we're going to need some comfort food after this movie! So, why not bake some cupcakes in something that'll probably make you cry more. 
Buy - £4.88


2) 12 Milk Carton Party Favours 
If your birthday is coming up or you're planning someone else's, here are some TFiOS milk carton party favours. I came across these a few days ago and then I had to find them again for this post because I love them! I just think they're really cute. 
Buy - £7.32

3) Travel Mug
The mug has got "My thoughts are stars that I can't fathom into constellation" on one side and one the other it has "The Fault In Our Stars" on the other side. It's a really simplistic design that I really like and I'm also starting to have a slight obsession with travel mugs for some reason. 
Buy - £10.98 

4) "The Literal Heart of Jesus" t-shirt 
You have no idea how much I was this top! I've seen so many with the "Okay" quote on there  that I was looking for something different and I came across this top. I'm pretty much in love with it now because you know.... It is the literal heart of Jesus 
Buy - £17.39

5) Hand Painted Fake Nails 
A set of 24 TFiOS hand painted fake nails that are reusable! I haven't worn fake nails before and I probably won't but I they looked pretty awesome. Especially since they are hand painted and I thought for anyone who does use fake nails I'd put them up here or even if you just wanted some TFiOS styles nails.
Buy - £13.42

6) Bead Bracelet 
I know I put a version of these on my May edition but I found a TFiOS version on their shop and I had to include it. It's a TFiOS paper bead bracelet. So, you can carry the part of the book where ever you go. 
Buy - £9.15

7) Wooden iPhone 5 Case
I am a huge fan of wooden phone cases, I think it's because the finish on them is just gorgeous. I love dark coloured wood as well and I find this case so pretty. Ideal way to protect your phone TFiOS style. I don't have an iPhone but I really wish they made one for my phone because I really really just love the finish on it. 
Buy - £15.25

8) Quote Card 
The card says "Ma'am, your daughter's car has just been deservedly egged by a blind man." I have no idea why you might need this card, I don't really think I'm going to ever need this card but I needed to include it because of the sheer awesome. One of the quotes that you don't see around often but still one of the best in the book! 
Buy - £1.51

9) Throw Pillow 
The price at the bottom is only the price for throw not for the filling but you can buy it with the filling as well. The cover says, "The world is not a wish granting factory". I don't know about you guys but I know that I going to need something to hold and cry into and this seems like the right thing! Reminds me that the world isn't a wish granting factory because look at the book! 
Buy - £14.00


10) Photographic Print
I don't know what it is about this print but I like it so much more than the others that I've seen. It's not the general white and blue one. It's different and shows a few of the symbols that you just relate to TFiOS. It's just really pretty and I'd love to have it up in my room! 
Buy - £6.58

Those are all my picks for the month to celebrate the release of TFiOS. Anything on here that you have or want to get? And do you own any other TFiOS merchandise? 

*Postage and Packing aren't included in the prices 

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