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  1. Hi Saira,

    Am hoping you might be interested in reviewing my book, Sacred Choices. (Promoting would be good, too ;^)

    Sacred Choices, 260 pages, Pen-L Publishing (published 03/22/14)

    An inspirational love story centered on self-growth, Sacred Choices weaves together the lives of three resilient women. Ceren is a newly-married and pregnant professor, who learns her husband is a bigamist that urges abortion. Judith, Ceren’s colleague—an older, worldlier professor, and pro-choice advocate—provides counsel based on her experiences. Judith’s sister Pastora, a nun, provides the voice of reason. Written for, by, and about women who have had or are considering abortions, Sacred Choices is Ceren’s journey—from her positive pregnancy test, through her decision whether or not to have an abortion—to an uncanny conclusion.

    Sacred Choices has an offbeat charm steeped in the supernatural. The same Mount Tepeyac has been a revered pilgrimage destination for thousands of years. The protagonists’ search for the answer as to whether it is the Aztec goddess Tonantzin or Our Lady of Guadalupe that has been revered for the past 500 years is interrupted by a giggling, young girl, who appears only to Judith. Is she a figment of Judith’s imagination, a vision—or could she be an angel, as Pastora believes? What’s the crux of its unique spiritual significance—a pagan goddess or a Christian saint? Set near Mexico City and incorporating present-day Hispanic and ancient Aztec beliefs, culture, and cuisine, Sacred Choices deeply celebrates the triumph of the spirit.

    Complicating her research, Ceren learns she’s pregnant, and the father denies responsibility. Pro-choice-advocate Judith raises the voice of experience and debates Sister Pastora’s voice of reason, confounding Ceren until the supernatural intervenes.

    Interspersed throughout Sacred Choices are running threads of the giggling girl and serpent lady. Never explicit whether they’re figments of the imagination, visions, or angels, these apparitions always propel the characters toward a startling resolution. Multi-cultural, Sacred Choices is set near Mexico City, incorporating ancient Aztec and present-day Hispanic beliefs, culture, and cuisine.

    Setting for Sacred Choices:
    On a mission, Ceren Hernandez travels to Mexico City during the Day-of-the-Dead festivities. Everywhere, she sees the face of death. Sugar skulls, pan de muerto, and macabre, skeleton carvings vie for her attention. People wearing white-washed faces with skull make-up seem to jeer as she pushes through the crowds toward the clinic. The entire country’s celebrating the lives of dead children, and I’m going to kill my baby today, of all days.

    Near St. Michael’s statue at Mount Tepeyac, an old woman wearing a necklace of tiny skulls and a serpentine armband appears just as a storm approaches. The wind shrieks, and the air crackles. Violet-blue tufts of flame suddenly flash above the archangel statue’s head, creep down its sword, and arc to the woman’s armband. The woman touches her hand, passing the flame, and Ceren’s life takes a turn….

    Thanks – looking forward to hearing from you!