Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This Is Halloween?

It's Halloween and in all honesty it isn't a holiday that I really celebrate to the extreme like some people do but I still enjoy the day and the run up to it! There are a few aspects of the holiday that I love. 

Halloween movies are always great to watch. Admittedly I don't watch any super scary movies, okay, I don't watch scary movies at all to be honest. But I love watching 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'Corpse Bride' around Halloween because even though they aren't scary movies they do have a spooky, Halloween sort of feel to them. I also love watching the 'Disney Halloweentown' movies. Some people might think that they're slightly childish but I really do enjoy the movies. It doesn't feel right watching them any other time of the year. So, I have to wait until Halloween comes around. 

Other than that, Halloween is quite a quiet time of the year. When I was younger I did love dressing up for the Halloween disco at my primary school. I loves searching for a costume that I wanted to wear and then see what everyone else was wearing. Enough though I never won best dressed, it never bothered me and I really enjoyed the nights. 

I do love seeing some of the houses and shops around the area get decorate for Halloween though. Some places seem to go all out for the seasonal holiday which always makes me smile because even though some of the decoration can be seen as quite corny I still love seeing them and sometimes Halloween can be the best time of year to find some really snazzy decorations. We went to 'Asda' the other day and when to the Halloween aisle, but I have no idea why, and we came across these really nice white candles that had this black lace around the side of the candle. I don't know what made is specifically Halloween related but it look really lovely. 

So, how do you guys celebrate Halloween? 
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