About Me

Hi there! My name's Saira and I'm a 17 year old girl that hails from a small city in Wales. i'M currently in year 12 and sitting my AS Levels in sixth form. I'm taking double maths, physics and economics (as you can guess, I have a love for maths). I'm an aspiring medical engineer with a huge passion for reading and writing. Aside from running this blog I also have a have part time job and I love to bake and have a huge passion for travelling! 

I started this blog out in 2013 just as I had started my GCSEs and nearly two years on I still find it's a place where I can share everything that I'm going through. As well as some of the lifestyle things that I post, I also do book reviews and movie reviews. If anyone is interested in me reviewing their book head over to my review policy and my contact page. 

Happy Reading, 
Saira x

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